3D Computer Animation

3D Computer Animation is about bringing designs or ideas to life by animating the object or by adding movement to virtual cameras and lights to create stunning animated video productions. Our professional team have experience in developing animations to meet your needs.

Some examples of what Parallax Studio offer in this area:

Virtual Tours

  • Virtual Tours: realistic animation of a future project, this can be a building complex, oil and gas projects, proposed mine site design etc.
  • Logo animation including sound effects and music
  • 3D Computer Graphics integrated on real life photo (compositing)

Physics Simulation

  • Wind/cloth/fluid/rigid body effects simulation
  • Time lapse animation for shadow analysis for architectural projects
  • Mechanical animation of products

This service includes the development of a production storyboard ensuring your ideas are fully captured, delivering a production of exceptionally high quality. Please contact us if you would like to discuss an idea or project and to obtain a competitive quote.